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The Cobra A4615 Alarm With Adr Cards By Vodafone Automotive Allows Driver Recognition Keeping Your Vehicle Safe Against Key Cloning..

The Cobra A4615 Provides The Original Vehicle Keys With An Additional Passive Digital Signature. Preventing Cloned Keys From Starting The Vehicle Without The Adr Tag Being Present Directly Combating The “Hi Tech” Theft Of A Vehicle Via Key Cloning.



Cobra Alarm allows Driver Recognition enhancing its Anti Cloning and Theft Capabilities

The Cobra A4615 ADR is the perfect solution to prevent Hi Tech theft of your vehicle. The cobra alarm system protects your vehicle against key cloning, programming and theft. The system is a Thatcham Certified Cat 2-1 alarm which works both as an alarm and immobiliser.

How the Cobra A4615 with ADR Cards System Works?

The Cobra A4615 ADR alarm activates if the ADR cards are not present. This also immobilises the vehicle. The ADR cards transmit a wireless secure signal, programmed specifically for your vehicle, which allows the alarm to recognise you as the main user. If the ADR tags are within range of the vehicle, the alarm is disabled. If the ADR cards are not detected, the vehicle will not start and the alarm is activated.

The authorised driver can also override the ADR tag with a 4 digit pin code.

Optional Extras

The system can be upgraded to protect certain weak spots in your vehicle, such as doors, windows, locks, boot and bonnet. Strategically placing sensors around these entry points can help detect slight changes which can lead to the alarm being activated. See below for optional extras that can be bought in addition to the Cobra A4615 with ADR cards:

  • Cobra Infrasonic Sensor – Detects any atmospheric changes within your vehicle. An example would be opening a door or punching a hole through the side of vehicle.
  • Cobra Tilt and Motion Sensor – Activating the alarm if your vehicle is either being jacked up or put on a low loader.
  • Cobra Microwave Sensor – Creates a bubble within the vehicle and triggers the alarm if the sensor detects an object entering the projected microwave bubble. Highly recommended for convertible vehicles and motor homes


Step-by-Step Guide to Locking Your Vehicle with Cobra A4615 with ADR System


  1. Upon locking the vehicle the system passively arms and immobilises the vehicle 30 seconds after ignition OFF and the driver door closing
  2. Upon unlocking the vehicle, if the ADR Tag is not detected within 60 seconds the LED flashes for 30 seconds, reporting the absence of the ADR Tag
  3. If after 90 seconds, the ADR Tag is not detected the Alarm will trigger
  4. The system will flash the vehicle hazard lights and sound the Alarm siren
  5. Upon detection of the ADR Tag the system will disarm and mobilise the vehicle

Technical Information

  • CAN/PLIP Integration
  • ECU programmable (Vehicle brand/model specific)
  • Armed/Pre Disarmed via Original Key
  • ADR Tag (Authorised Driver Recognition)
  • Wireless link between Siren and ECU (Siren Optional)
  • Single circuit immobilisation
  • Anti grab/Anti scan
  • LED/Control button with override and diagnostic function
  • Cable cutting protection (Sabotage)
  • Panic facility via ADR Tag
  • Alarm trigger output for Tracking Device link

Complete Security Systems

The Cobra A4615 alarm can also be combined with dashcams and tracker systems to create a complete security system. Please see the related products at the bottom of the page.

Combining the alarm system with trackers like SmarTrack Pro Global or SmarTrack Cat 5 trackers allows you to monitor your vehicle 24/7 via their smartphone app or an internet browser. The tracker devices can also monitor car battery levels and notify the user if anyone has been tampering with your battery by sending alerts your phone

The Cobra Alarm system can also take advantage of this system. If the alarm is triggered, you will receive notification on your phone using the tracker software. This can be enhanced further by adding a Virtus Fleet dashcams. These can integrate with the tracker systems also, recording any incidents providing a clear picture or the incident. The Virtus Fleet cameras are tamperproof allowing upto 48 hours of recording.

The Virtus Fleet Zeus advanced innovative technology provides an efficient fleet management solution. If you receive any notifications via smartphone, realtime footage can be accessed via the Virtus Fleet Zeus cameras via their own online platform. Along with real-time video, the Zeus camera also provide telematics statistics including speed, location, live visuals & remote configuration/maintenance. Thus creating a complete security system.

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