Bury CC 9068

Device functions

  • DialogPlus voice control – extremely accurate, rapid reaction word recognition without voice training and with visual and acoustic user support
  • Unlimited music enjoyment – thanks to the direct playback of music1 and an integrated 30 Watt digital amplifier
  • Touchscreen – for menu prompting, call handling and volume control
  • Battery charging function for your mobile – guarantees unlimited talk time in your car
  • Magic word – activation of the voice control with a single voice command
  • Can be adapted flexibly – with free application for CC 9068 App
  • Multipoint function – connect two mobile phones with the system simultaneously
  • Text-to-Speech – Readout of status and information messages 2
  • Voice Dialling
  • The separate level-adjustment of the microphone and the speakers via the HFCK menu
  • Make several phone calls at the same time – hold calls and switch between them, conference calls with up to 7 participants2
  • Display shows contacts, call log, reception quality, handset name and name of network provider 2
  • Including a charging cable – for smartphones with a micro USB connection
  • Storage capacity – max 10. handsets, 1000 text messages, 150 voice tags, 15,000 contacts (up to 1,500 contacts per phone)

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